How to Train a Rottweiler: Things You Need to Know?

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March 26, 2023

Training a rottweiler is a lot like training other breeds, which means that in addition to other things, patience and consistency are a must. Some people are afraid of rottweilers but the truth is that if they’re properly trained, there’s nothing to be afraid of regardless of how large the dog might be.

If you have one of these puppies or you’re thinking about getting one and you want to learn how to train a rottweiler, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Train a Rottweiler?

Training a rottweiler isn’t that difficult if you keep in mind a few simple tips, especially the following:

1. Always Start When They’re Young

This one makes sense. While you’re certainly able to train an older dog, it will take a much shorter time if you start when they’re between six weeks and six months of age. Rottweilers are very smart and obedient, so take advantage of those traits and start training early in their lives.

2. Make Sure That Your Rottweiler Is Socialized

If your rottweiler is used to other dogs and to people, they’ll be easier to train. Simply put, the more social and comfortable with others they are, the more adaptable they are to unfamiliar situations, which means that they’ll feel comfortable with new activities, including being trained.

3. Stay Calm and Be Consistent

Consistency is definitely a must when training a rottweiler, and if you find yourself getting angry or impatient, it’s best to stop the training and pick it back up again at another time. Regular training sessions are also important; training a minimum of five days a week is recommended.

4. Always Use Positive Reinforcement

You should never punish a rottweiler or use any type of negative reinforcement because it can make training more difficult. It may even result in the training being unsuccessful in the end.

By being consistent, patient, and positive and affectionate, training your rottweiler is much easier. You can train them in basic training commands, obedience commands, or training that helps eliminate certain negative behaviors. With all of these, however, it helps to be consistent and follow these simple rules.

Rottweiler Puppy Training: How Difficult Is it?

When your rottweiler is just a puppy, this is the time to start training them with at least the basics. When they’re young, they should be taught the basic commands, which should include the following:

  • The best way to train your puppy to sit is to use hand gestures along with short one- or two-syllable commands. The hand gestures are often more effective at teaching the puppy to sit than the verbal commands are.
  • This is an important command for them to learn, and you can use the word “down” along with using your hand to motion them to get down, making sure that the palm is down. The puppy should know how to sit before teaching them this command.
  • A tough command to teach, it works best if you wait until after you teach your dog the “sit” and “down” commands. Try not to get aggravated because it may take some time for your rottweiler to learn this one.
  • This one should be taught after they’ve learned “stay.” If you have a good rapport and have already bonded with your rottweiler, this one should be easy for them to learn.
  • If you’re going to discipline your dog, this is an important command. Once they hear you say the word, they have to know you mean business. This requires that you use a very firm voice with a low tone. Also, don’t use the word “no” with any other word, including “stop” or “bad.” Just get used to saying the word “no” in the right tone and they’ll listen.
  • As they’re sitting, you can use this command on them. It’s the perfect command to use when you have to clip their nails or need to examine their paws. It isn’t a necessity, but it makes certain tasks a lot easier.

To be sure, training a rottweiler puppy is much easier than training an older dog. When you start the training before their six-month birthday, it becomes much less stressful and much easier to do. When it comes to training dogs, the sooner you get started, the easier the entire process becomes.

How to Train a Rottweiler to Be a Guard Dog?

Having a rottweiler as a guard dog makes sense for many reasons, one of which is the fact that the rottweiler is naturally a very loyal dog. If you want to train your rottweiler to be the perfect guard dog, here are three steps that allow you to do so:

1. Make Sure That They Know Basic Commands Well

You can’t train a rottweiler to guard your home and your family unless they are already familiar with the basic dog commands.

At a minimum, they should know commands such as sit, stay, no, and speak. They have to be able to control their impulsive behavior so they are more well-behaved overall and can handle further training to become a guard dog. They also need to be very social to make this work.

2. Practice the Guarding of Your Home with Your Dog

Make sure your rottweiler is familiar with the home itself, and some of the ways you can do this include making sure they are familiar with the boundaries of the property, leaving them alone occasionally to guard the property, and having someone the dog doesn’t know act as if they’re about to sneak onto your property or do something nefarious. When you do this, always be prepared to restrain the dog whenever necessary.

3. Gradually Introduce Distractions in a Controlled Environment

This can be done several ways, but it’s important that your dog is unable to see you. They have to believe that the property is totally in their charge so that you can gauge their reaction and teach them how to better guard the property.

Once again, it’s good to have someone you know help you out and pretend to come onto your property so the dog wonders what they’re up to.

To teach your rottweiler to be a good guard dog, you’ll have to work with them and practice what they should do if someone with inappropriate intentions ever comes onto your property. It starts by making sure that they are experts at the basic commands, then placing them in situations that they consider dangerous so you can teach them exactly what to do to remedy the situation.

It isn’t as difficult as it might seem, but you should still feel comfortable hiring a professional dog trainer to do the training for you. Their costs are less than you might think, and it’ll make you feel good knowing the job is being done right. That being said, it’s easier to train rottweilers than many people realize.


Training a rottweiler isn’t difficult because in a lot of ways, it’s just the same as training other breeds. Despite what some people might think, the truth is that these are loyal and obedient dogs who can be trained easily, even if you train one as a guard dog.

If you feel better about hiring a professional trainer, you can feel free to do so, but in many instances, it simply won’t be necessary.