How to Train a Husky Puppy Not to Bite?

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March 5, 2023

It is completely normal for puppies of any kind to bite. There are plenty of reasons for this, but it can be a painful annoyance. It is part of being a puppy, after all, but it doesn’t have to be an issue for very long.

There are a number of methods that can help you to teach your husky puppy not to bite. Learning why they do so, how long you can expect it, and how to keep them from doing it is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

When Do Huskies Stop Biting?

Before you learn how to train a husky puppy not to bite, it helps to know what kind of timeline you can expect. After all, a husky should not be biting regularly past a certain point. So when will the dog stop biting?

For the most part, husky puppies stop biting regularly around the seven-month mark. They have shed their baby teeth and gotten their adult teeth, so that should help exponentially. Of course, with a little bit of training, you can get them to stop biting entirely.

Why Does My Husky Bite Me?

There are a few different reasons why your husky may be biting you. The biting largely occurs during their puppy years. Part of it has to do with teething, another part with being curious, and yet another with their energy levels.

The first reason is that, as puppies, they are learning about their surroundings. During this time, you can learn how to train a husky puppy not to bite. They need consistency in direction to understand that biting you or anyone else is not okay.

Another reason that they bite is that they are teething. The process can be tough on them as it is painful, and they simply want that pain to stop. Chewing is their way of battling that pain. Having a plethora of chew toys is a great idea to keep them from chomping on your hand instead.

Finally, there are their natural energy levels. Huskies are one of the most high-energy dogs you can find. They need a lot of exercise and attention. If they don’t get enough of either, they get bored. Their nipping could be because they want your attention or to play with you.

The Intervention Method

One of the most proven methods of learning how to teach your husky puppy not to bite is called the intervention method. When your husky bites something that it should not, you intervene. It is the simplest method that there is.

The moment you notice that they are going to bite, withdraw your hand and, in a loud, firm voice, tell them “stop!” or “no!” The goal here is not to scare but startle them. It also gets their attention and puts it directly on you. Just don’t point at them, at least not at this step. They might mistake your finger for something they can bite, which defeats the purpose.

Replace Your Hand

Another way to establish that your hand and fingers are not to be chewed on is to replace them with something else. Remember that this is a time in their development when they are learning what they can and cannot chew on.

If they start to chew on your hand, replace it quickly with a toy. When they start to bite on the toy, praise them. Use both verbal praise and treats to show them that this is what they are supposed to be biting on, not your hand.

With time and a lot of praise, they will get it. Dogs tend to respond best to positive reinforcement as opposed to negative reinforcement. That’s not to say that there is no time for negative reinforcement, but this is not the time.

Positive Reinforcement

It is crucial to work with positive reinforcement. Many dog owners implement negative responses—yelling, pointing, or even physical punishment—but dogs do not respond well to that negative response. If anything, it scares them and makes them anxious.

By using positive reinforcement, you will not only get their attention but make them anxious to please you. Dogs naturally work to please their owners. When they receive positive reinforcement, they are only more eager to do so.

Have a lot of treats ready to use, and make sure that you say “good boy/girl” often. Before long, they will at least be eager to show you attention and to do the things that you wish them to do. That includes not biting on your hands. Just make sure that you work with them and have patience.


Huskies, like any kind of dog, can be prone to nipping and biting as puppies. There are plenty of reasons for this, and they are completely normal. But the key is to be able to train them so that they no longer bite on a consistent basis.

With plenty of treats, toys, and attention, you can ensure that your husky puppy doesn’t bite any longer. Be patient with the puppy; it is still learning about the world around it and will take some time to figure things out.