How to Stop a Yorkie From Biting?

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December 8, 2022

Though Yorkies are a small, adorable breed of dog, they can cause problems with frequent biting. Though some of this has to do with the territorial nature of the breed, there are sometimes other issues at play.

If you want to learn how to stop a Yorkie from biting, it helps to know more about the causes and what can be done to keep them from acting out. Here is your guide to keeping your Yorkie from biting going forward.

Yorkie Aggressive Biting

Now comes the time to learn how to stop a Yorkie from biting. Biting comes from something that is known as “small dog syndrome.” Basically, it is a negative behavioral trait that comes from a serious lack of training.

By getting to the root of the issue and showing your Yorkie that you are the dominant one, you can help to keep them from biting unless they are seriously scared. It isn’t a matter of them just being a “bad dog.” Yorkies are a naturally territorial breed, something that is inherited from their breed.

There are a few things, past ruling out health issues, that can be done to curb their biting. Let’s take a look at the different ways that you can help cut down on the biting and make it a rare occurrence when it does happen.


One of the things that you can do to keep your Yorkie from biting is to properly socializing them. If you don’t give them proper socialization from a young age, it can lead to not only fearfulness but aggression as well.

Under socialized dogs can see people and other dogs as a potential threat. For that reason, it is imperative to get them around others regularly. When they learn that there is no threat to be had, they definitely won’t lunge or bite in fear.

Invest in Toys

Puppies also tend to nip and bite when they are having fun. They do it because they want you to play with them. So, make sure that you have a plethora of different toys and bones that will satisfy their desire to chew on things.

The second they go to chomp on your hand, move and swap it out with a toy. Keep this up and they will quickly get the message that you are not meant to be bit but the treats, toys, and chews are.

Lots of Treats

Another thing that you can do is invest in treats. You are not rewarding them for biting, but by diverting their attention to the treat, you eventually teach them that they aren’t to bite you. They get the idea that biting is for treats and toys, diverting their energy in that direction.

If you are trying to ween your puppy out of biting or nipping, make sure that you have a lot of treats. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative reinforcement. They will simply become scared of doing the wrong thing if you are too negative, and it can impact the way that they take to training going forward.

There are a lot of ways in which you can curb your Yorkie of biting. Just have patience and make sure to work with them each step of the way.

My Yorkie Keeps Biting My Feet

It can be a major annoyance, but there are times where your Yorkie may nip at your feet while walking. Most of the time, the feet and ankle biting comes from natural hereditary traits of the breed. It might not seem like it, but they were originally bred to guard or herd livestock.

When they bite your feet or ankles, they are implementing their natural herding behavior. It can also very much be the result of teething for puppies or them simply trying to establish dominance. For the most part, however, they have been hard-wired to do.

When Will My Yorkie Calm Down?

Puppies of any breed can be a little spastic. They have a lot of youthful energy, some breeds more than others. If you have a puppy and wonder how to stop a Yorkie from biting, sometimes it just takes a little bit of maturing.

Puppies will age out of that non-stop energy, particularly with breeds like Yorkies. During the first two years of their lives, Yorkies will have a little more energy than later on in life. Keep in mind that each dog, even in the same breed, has their own energy levels and personality.

If you feel like your Yorkie is still a bit off the walls even after the two year mark, there are a few things to do. Take them for longer walks, play games with them, give them training, and make sure that they have plenty of toys to play with.

If a dog feels spastic, it has to do with untapped energy. They are simply looking for an outlet to burn off that energy. Providing it to them in a variety of ways can allow them to feel good and avoid the nasty tendencies like destructive behavior.

Yorkie Behavior Problems

Like any other breed of dog, there are a few things that can cause the Yorkie to act out. One of them is their natural behavioral issues. Let’s take a little closer look at how and why they behave the way that they do.

Territorial. For starters, Yorkies are naturally territorial. When it comes to their owners in particular, they feel a need to protect their owner from any potential harm. When they are around people or other dogs that they are unfamiliar with, they are much more prone to barking and biting.

Shy. Yorkies are also a naturally shy breed. Make sure to check their ears before moving close to them; if their ears are close to their head, they are apprehensive and potentially afraid. Keep sudden movements to a minimum and use a soothing tone.

Digging. This isn’t necessarily a universal trait of the Yorkie, but it is definitely not uncommon. Some do this, particularly with their beds. It is a natural inclination that comes with the breed.

Fear. Fear of other dogs and people comes typically from poor socialization or past trauma. If you notice that your Yorkie doesn’t do well around other dogs or people, it could be that they are simply unfamiliar with others. Try to introduce them slowly to people and dogs. Over time, they will become less apprehensive and should stop feeling threatened altogether.


Yorkies are adorable, small dogs that can be easy to care for. Without proper training and socialization, however, they can develop a biting problem. The good news is that you can curb that problem with a little bit of effort.

Whether you work on socializing them, interject a little training, or implement more chews and treats, you can stop them from biting before you know it. They will then be the well-behaved, adorable little pup that you hoped for.