Tips And Tricks to Get a Scared Dog to Trust You

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May 17, 2022

It may be confusing as to why your dog is so scared when it is new to you and your place. After all, this is all new to the pup. Consider what it would be like if you were sent to a strange new place filled with unfamiliar people. You’d be terrified as well.

Even though it may seem that you’ll never achieve anything with your dog due to their fearfulness, that simply isn’t true. A scared dog can be taught to trust you by following some simple tips and tricks. There are a lot of ways you can learn about, so you can be skilled at how to get a scared dog to trust you.

Stay Calm

There is a lot of emotion in dogs. They can sense what you’re feeling very easily. A rescue dog who is frightened of everything will already be on high alert if it was brought into your home recently. This means that exciting reactions are likely to affect them.

Therefore, staying calm is crucial. Your dog might be more likely to be happy in a new home if you act super excited. However, being too energetic might simply make them more scared. Currently, your dog’s security and comfort are the most significant things. You will assist them in becoming comfortable with you by staying calm around them.

Try To Develop Connection In Their Comfort Hours

In order to earn a dog’s trust, you need to put the needs of the dog ahead of your own. The question is how do you determine what a dog requires? Right now, all that can be done for the dog is to give them ample space and let it decide how to approach the situation. You should let them go if they growl or try to flee.

Dogs need space when they behave inflexibly, lick their lips, yawn, pant, avert their gaze, tuck their tails, or growl. All of these indications should be valued if displayed by a dog you are about to approach, and you should give it some space.

Furthermore, make sure that you do not appear frightening to the dog. Make sure your voice is low and calm. Avoid big signals. The dog will approach you if you sit on the ground. The goal is that your pup flourishes in the environment.

Give Your Dog Some Space

You might be trying to find your dog and make sure they spend time with you if they keep hiding from you. Moreover, how can they become familiar with you if they are not around you? You are right about your dog hiding because they are scared. By keeping them on the run, they will feel trapped, which will make them even more uneasy.

If your fearful dog becomes hostile, it might even bite. As they adjust to life as a dog, you should make sure you give them room to reconnoiter. Even though it might be hard for you, you need to let them take things at their own pace.

Take Little Steps

In spite of the fact that dogs cannot speak as we do, they are very good at picking up on the tone of human voices. You know that when you talk in a loud, excited tone to a dog who is comfortable around people, they too will get excited.

Having a comfortable dog is great. A scared dog does not require excitement. At least at first, avoid speaking much. Maintain a calm, quiet voice when you do speak. There is no need to do this forever. Eventually, you will be able to speak normally again. As for now, speak quietly and calmly to your dog while they adjust.

Turn Away Your Eyes

The way dogs speak is different from the way we do. Their prime way of communicating with us and other dogs is with body language, not barking, whining, or growling. One of the most important aspects of body language is eye contact. You should therefore know how to construct different kinds of eye contact with your dog. You’re showing your dog domination when you gaze right into their eyes.

If you think you’re trying to rule your dog, a fearful dog will not take well to that. This could even result in them biting you. As such, eye contact with your dog can also be a sign of love, but you must also take the situation into account. At this point, your dog is scared. To answer how to get a scared dog to trust you, it would be a good idea to avert your eyes for the time being.

Get Some Toys Into The Situation

An interactive toy is a great way to bond with your dog if they like to play with toys. To find out what toys your dog loves (all dogs have a different fondness as to what type of toys are most appealing), it is suggested to try out different types of toys.

Games like tug-of-war or that need your dog to use their mouth or fight with you are not recommended for scared dogs. Playing with a toy should be accompanied by a soft voice and plenty of admiration.

Provide Your Side

Body language also plays a role in this. Head-on eye contact might make your dog feel threatened or panicky, just as if you made direct eye contact with him. Scared dogs should never be made to feel vulnerable in any way.

When you greet your dog, offer them your side. The dog will feel less frightened, and more comfortable. Your dog will feel more at ease impending you if you don’t bully or dominate them by doing this.

Throw Some Treats

Food is a dog’s best friend, right? Don’t overlook having treats on hand for your new dog when you bring them home. Keeping your dog’s mood toward you unbiased is not enough. The positive links should also be strengthened. Treats are one of the greatest ways to make them feel respected.

Grab some treats from your kitchen and throw a few around when you’re with your dog. Your dog will form a confident mood towards you as a result of this. Treats mean that your dog gets close to you. Your dog will want to be close to you as you do this more and more.

Key Takeaways

Having a dog at home can be very exciting as everyone including children and older people love them. Just like calmness and being comfortable is important in human relations, a relationship with your dog also should be calm so that your dogs don’t fear you.

Try different calm and comfortable tricks and techniques to practice how to get a scared dog to trust you. A scared dog can cause problems for both you and themselves as they might not behave well when they are fearing you or something else.