How Much is Pet Supplies Plus Dog Wash?

Pet Care


October 15, 2022

Having a dog means caring for them in all the ways that entails. One of those includes giving them a bath from time to time. While your dog doesn’t need to be bathed nightly, it will need to be bathed every once in a while.

Bathing them yourself can be a very challenging experience and a huge mess at that. This is why it might make sense to look into a service. If you have been considering Pet Supplies Plus, you may be wondering, “How much is Pet Supplies Plus dog wash?”

How Much Does Pet Supplies Plus Dog Wash Cost?

This is a tricky question because Pet Supplies Plus offers two options for cleaning: self-service and a grooming service. Depending on what you choose, one can be a lot cheaper than the other. Let’s break it down.

One of the most common services offered is the self-wash option. You can use a dog-washing station for up to 30 minutes, with access to things like shampoo/conditioner, water, combs, and towels, all without having to cause a mess in your own home, for just $10.

This has a number of benefits. Even if you don’t really mind getting into it and bathing your dog, they can make a serious mess. They shake when they are wet, which means water getting just about everywhere. On top of that, they can get clumps of fir in your bathtub or shower, which is just aesthetically unpleasing and can lead to clogged drains as well.

If you don’t really want to have to go through the trouble of washing your dog on your own, then there is a grooming service available as well. Basic grooming sessions include things like a bath, nail trim, blow dry, and ear cleaning and will typically include the expression of their anal glands (which means releasing any of the built-up fluid).

The cost of the grooming service can vary depending on the size of the dog and the services included. Packages start as low as $30 and can run up to $90. Check with your local Pet Supplies Plus to find out what it will cost to have your dog washed and groomed.

How Often Do Dogs Need a Wash?

The million dollar question becomes just how often you need to wash your dog. The fact of the matter is that your dog doesn’t really need a bath unless it is particularly dirty or smelly or unless it has some kind of underlying skin condition.

Most dogs generally need to be bathed about once per month. Of course, you can bathe them less frequently, but it isn’t recommended that you bathe them any less than roughly once every three months or so.

Of course, you can choose to bathe them more frequently as well, but it isn’t recommended that you bathe them more than once every other week. By giving them baths more frequently, you can cause irritation and dryness of the skin while also stripping away the natural oils that are found in their fur.

That’s a huge window, but one indication as to how often you need to bathe them depends on what they do. If your dog kind of lies around a lot, they aren’t getting terribly dirty. You can probably space out the baths quite a bit longer than you would if your dog is active and outside more often.

Should My Dog Be Bathed in Cold or Warm Water?

One of the most common mistakes that pet owners make is bathing their dog in water that is either too cold or too hot. The optimal water temperature should be lukewarm because it is the most comfortable water temperature that you can use.

While there are no negative health impacts to using water that is too hot or too cold (unless you go scalding hot, in which case they can definitely get burned), there are negative stimulus impacts. If they are not happy with the temperatures that you are using, it can cause them to resist taking a bath.

Taking a bath can be hard enough as it is, even if your dog likes it. Having to contend with them shaking out their coats, getting everything wet, and having dog fur to contend with in seemingly every area can make washing your dog difficult.

When they don’t want to take a bath, it can become all the more difficult. They may want to pull or even run away, leading you to either have to hold them in place or chase after them if they happen to get away.


Keeping your dog clean can make for not only a happier and better-smelling dog, but a happier you. No one wants to have a smelly dog in their home, getting that funky smell all over the furniture and permeating their house.

The good news is that Pet Supplies Plus offers a couple of different options that work best for keeping your dog clean. Whether you choose the self-service or go with the grooming option, you can ensure that your dog is as clean as possible.