All You Need Know About Parakeet as Pets and How Much is Parakeet?

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August 19, 2021

Parakeets are also commonly known as budgies. You need to understand that parakeets are not a specific kind of pet but rather a term used to describe any small parrot with long feathers and a slender build. Budgies are considered to be the most common parrot pet in the world. You can find these birds in different colors, and there are several types. Let’s find all the information you might need before buying yourself your first parakeet.

Parakeets Are Social

These birds are extremely rewarding pets to own, and they make fantastic companions. They are social birds and make a strong bond with their owners. If you tend to stay away from home too much or travel a lot for work, these birds won’t be an ideal choice. If you do not spend enough time with your parakeet, they will become too loud and nippy, showing their unhappiness.

If you keep a parakeet, it is recommended to keep them in pairs due to their friendly nature. Ensure to keep their cage in a position where they can easily hear and see you. They are curious birds, and they will respond to your voice.


As parakeets are energetic, they do need space for exercising and roosting to keep them healthy. Make sure the cage you keep them in is large enough for them to move around in, and the bars should also provide climbing surfaces for them. Make sure not to keep the cage in a hot environment such as a kitchen because it can be toxic for your bird.

The bird will also love to fly around your house if you allow it to, so before you get a parakeet, make sure your home is bird-proof. But if you do not want it to fly around, you can trim its feathers slightly to limit their mobility. But make sure to hire a bird groomer or a veterinarian to do the job.

Life Span

Before you get a parakeet, understand that it is a long-term commitment. Parakeets can live up to 25 years, depending on their species, health, and living conditions. Hence, if you are getting a parakeet for your children who will go off to college, leaving the pet behind, this won’t be an ideal choice. People in their old age should also not consider getting a parakeet because once they die, the parakeet will be left alone without anyone to take care of it.


Parakeets tend to be very smart. If you commit 30 minutes of your day to training them, you can find a loving pet who can learn to talk and enjoy being on your shoulder as well. To ensure your bird doesn’t get bored and has the mental stimulation it requires, give it the daily training dose.

These parrots are also capable of mimicking words and phrases, and if appropriately trained, they can come at a similar level as an African grey parrot. Their speech is high-pitched and fast, so you need to listen to them to understand their vocalizations carefully. If you keep a pair of parakeets, you will find them chatting away with one another most of the time.

Endless Entertainment

If you give your parakeet toys to play with, they will provide you better entertainment than your daily television does. They love to ring bells, bonk their toys, and even toss items. You will also find them talking to their reflection in the mirror and exploring hollow things frequently. If you train your parakeet, it can also learn a handful of tricks that you can show off to your family and friends.


If you’re wondering how much are parakeets, then the answer to that is $40 to $70, but these prices can vary from store to store and size and age as well. Along with this, you will also need to pay for the vet visits, which can cost between $100 to $200 annually. If your bird suffers from obesity, renal disease, or any viral diseases, the charges can be higher.

To prevent high costs at the vet, make sure to provide preventive care for your parakeet. You can also find an avian veterinarian who can provide vital information for your parrots and recommend safe and healthy practices to follow for your parrot’s health.


Parakeets need to be bathed almost three times per week to keep their feathers clean and top-notch. You can bathe them in a cage birdbath, a shower, or even from a spray water bottle. Alongside, you will have to groom your parakeet regularly by trimming their nails and clipping their feathers as well. It can quickly be done on your own or you can hire a professional for the job.

A sign of a healthy parakeet would include smooth feathers, clear, bright eyes, normal stools, healthy appetite, and an average level of activity. If your parakeet shows signs such as weight loss, sitting at the bottom of the cage for too long, or sneezing too much, you need to take it to the vet as soon as possible.


You need to have a varied diet for your parakeet to keep it healthy and happy. You can feed the parakeet good nutrition pellets but supplement them with fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They thrive on a seed-based diet. You can also provide them multivitamin supplements if you are primarily keeping them on a seed diet.


Parakeets are comfortable in average household temperatures, but if your home is too hot or cold, they can suffer. Avoid putting their cage in areas where direct sunlight hits for most of the day and next to a vent or window where strong winds would be. Along with that, provide them with a roosting box for shade and shelter to make them feel safe and comfortable in their cage.


Parrots, of course, can be noisy, and you will hear your parakeet singing, chirping, and even screeching at times. They are talented at mimicking humans and can also learn different phrases and words. They might also sing along with the songs being played in the background. So if you like a quiet household with little to no noise, then a parakeet might not be the right choice for you.

After considering these factors, you must have a better understanding of the parakeet. Before bringing a parakeet home, make an informed decision and purchase them from your nearby pet store to provide them a safe forever home.