How Many Hours a Day Do Golden Retrievers Sleep?

Pet Health


September 5, 2022

Having a pet means seeing them sleeping for quite a bit of time. Most pets require more sleep than the average human, so it is not uncommon to see your pet just lying around and catching a little extra shut-eye.

But for golden retrievers, it is important to know how much sleep they require. Watching a golden sleep means that you are getting a look at one of the most peaceful and adorable things ever. But how many hours a day do golden retrievers sleep?

How Long Does a Golden Retriever Need to Sleep?

There are multiple answers when determining how long your golden retriever needs to sleep. It comes down to what age they are: puppy, adolescent/adult, or senior dog. So consider your golden retriever’s age before reading on.

Golden retriever puppies need to sleep anywhere from 18 to 20 hours per day. They have more energy at this stage, and it takes a lot to build up those reserves of energy. Between more frequent feedings and a lot more sleep, they have what they need to be their best.

When they hit the adolescent and adult stages, golden retrievers will need around 12–14 hours per day. This is because they have hit their full maturity and don’t need the extra energy to continue their developmental process.

When golden retrievers start to hit the twilight of their lives, it is time to start adding a few hours back to their daily total. Senior dogs will need roughly 16–18 hours of sleep each day. This helps them to maintain energy levels so that they can remain active, though they will not be as active as they once were.

Sleep and Golden Retrievers

Before you wonder how many hours a day do golden retrievers sleep, it is important to know just why sleep is so vital for them. The simple fact of the matter is that, just like humans, golden retrievers need sleep for their development and quality of life.

Because of this, pet owners may be watching their golden with a little extra attention to ensure that their sleep patterns are normal. Dogs naturally descend from wolves, who naturally tend to sleep for quite long periods out in the wild.

The trait of sleeping quite a bit has been passed down throughout the generations to the domesticated dogs that we know today. That said, sometimes the sleep patterns of dogs like golden retrievers can seem strange, which can make their owners worried.

One of the biggest concerns that owners have about golden retrievers is that they are sleeping too much. But just like human babies, children, and teenagers, golden retrievers have different stages and sleeping habits as they develop into adults. Therefore, they need varying amounts of sleep starting from puppyhood, through adolescence and adulthood, and into old age.

Influences on a Golden Retriever’s Sleep Habits

As with people, there are some golden retrievers that are a bit more laid back than others. And like humans, each golden is totally unique. Consequently, there is no easy way to classify every dog simply based on its breed or age. Sleeping habits and preferences will depend on your dog and yours alone, which means tailoring your approach based on your dog’s preferences and needs.

Another major factor influencing how much a golden retriever sleeps has to do with where the dog lives. A dog that lives in an apartment might sleep quite a bit more than one that lives on a farm. The reason for this is that the latter would always have something to do whereas an apartment setting might lack some of the stimulation that a farm setting offers.

Having said that, just because a golden retriever lives in an apartment, for instance, does not mean that it should just sleep a lot. You can ensure that your golden has plenty of stimulation thanks to treats, toys, activities, and attention. These will keep the dog as active as it needs to be. Heading to the dog park or doing regular exercise will ensure that the dog remains healthy.

Golden retrievers also need to have a regular routine as well as plenty of exercise to get their optimal sleep. When they feel disrupted or off schedule, it can lead to difficulties for your dog to stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Exercise is also vital in that it will help your golden to be extra relaxed. The better relaxed your golden is, the better it will sleep. This is just part of what your golden retriever needs to remain healthy and have the quality of sleep that it needs to have a healthy life.


The amount that a golden retriever needs to sleep will vary depending on its age. These dogs need the most sleep as puppies, giving them the energy that they need to move through the most important stage of their development.

As they become adults, they will need the least amount of sleep (12–14 hours) to maintain their functionality levels. Finally, as they hit the later stages of their lives, they will need roughly 16–18 hours going forward. Goldens sleep in smaller bursts, which makes it easier to break up over the course of a day.