How to Keep Your Golden Retriever’s Teeth Clean?

Pet Health


September 5, 2022

There are a few issues that are more prevalent when it comes to dogs versus humans. Without a doubt, one of the most common issues has to do with dental disease. Golden retrievers are no different from any other breed in that regard.

Golden retrievers have certain needs when it comes to keeping their teeth clean and ensuring that they are healthy, preventing painful conditions from becoming a reality. Here are a few things that you can do to help your golden keep a clean, healthy smile.

Brushing Their Teeth

When it comes to golden retriever teeth cleaning, there is little doubt as to the importance of brushing their teeth. The single best thing that you can do for them to remove plaque and food particles is to brush their teeth. Brushing will also help prevent the formation of calculus and tartar.

In the case of tartar, if it is allowed to build up on their teeth over time, it can lead to inflammation and infection around the roots of their teeth and underneath their gums. This can eventually lead to the loosening of teeth, pain in their gums and teeth, and even root rot abscesses.

Brushing their teeth helps to keep their mouths and teeth clean, allowing them to maintain better oral health and prevent those issues from popping up. If you start by brushing their teeth when they are puppies, they can become acclimated to the act of brushing teeth.

Finally, you can find a “dog-safe” toothpaste out there that won’t have sugar-free flavoring (like Xylitol) which can be toxic to dogs.

Finger Brushes

One of the simplest and easiest ways to brush a dog’s teeth is through the use of a finger brush. This is easier than handling a toothbrush. A finger brush simply slips over your finger. This gives you more autonomy to navigate the dog’s mouth and get to the tough areas.

All you do when the brush has been slipped on is to rub your index finger back and forth gently over the dog’s teeth. It should take no more than a few minutes at a time to ensure that their teeth remain clean.

It is ideal to brush a dog’s teeth on a daily basis. That said, even if you can only do so twice per week, it will be definitely beneficial to the overall health of your dog’s teeth and gums. Don’t let your dog’s dental care fall by the wayside.

Dental Chews

Of course, each dog is different. Not all dogs are okay with having their teeth brushed, no matter how calm you are or how enticing you try to make it. Should brushing not be an option, then there are alternatives. Namely, you can use treats and chews that are specifically created to provide oral healthcare.

There are certain approved products that are great for the dental health of your dog. Dental chews work appropriately when your dog is allowed to chew and gnaw on them. If they can just break it in half, bite them into pieces, and just swallow, they won’t be effective. Some dogs are capable of doing this; finding a chew that they can work on for a while is the best bet.

It is also important to find those that have been approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). These products are highly recommended and have been proven to be quite effective at maintaining and improving the oral health of dogs everywhere.

Dental Wipes

Similar to brushing, dental wipes are another viable option. They are similar to brushing in that you will need to put your finger in your dog’s mouth. Dental wipes are wiped along the inner and outer surfaces of their teeth, ideally at least once per day.

The best types of dental wipes have antibacterial properties, particularly the ones that have chlorhexidine embedded within. Just refer to the VOHC to make sure that the dental wipes you have chosen are right for your dog.

Water Additives

If none of those are really working for you, then there are water additives that are basically mouthwash for dogs. It isn’t the same as a mouthwash for humans because these additives are safe for dogs to swallow (since they don’t know what they are and aren’t allowed to swallow).

Water additives act as a supplement to their water supply. These additives help improve their oral health and even improve things such as bad breath. Basically, it is an oral solution that contains enzymes that break plaque from your dog’s teeth to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and add the right amount depending on how much water is already in the bowl.


Keeping your golden retriever’s teeth healthy is important for their long-term oral health. There are a number of ways to implement golden retriever teeth cleaning, including finger brushes and dental chews chief among them.

With regular care, you can help your golden retriever avoid potentially negative issues with its teeth and gums. In the end, your dog will thank you for it, and you can even avoid some of the bad breath that can seemingly become the norm with dogs.