The Top Golden Retriever Rescues by State

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May 20, 2020

As the global exploitation of dogs through puppy farming and excessive breeding continues, we believe that providing future Golden owners (and dog owners in general) with an extensive list of Golden retriever rescues by state has never been more important. When you purchase your new furry friend from one of these amazing shelters, you’ll be standing up for dogs, and their rights, worldwide.

Most of these shelters are run by dedicated and hardworking volunteers, as well as the supportive community around them. Rescue centers like these focus on rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned, neglected, stray, and abused Golden retrievers so they can finally find their forever homes. Despite all their hardships, these animals are incredibly resilient and sweet. With a bit of TLC, they’ll soon learn that they can safely put their trust in humans again.

The Best Golden Retriever Rescues in America

Lots of these rescues value the input of their community and therefore offer membership to prospective pet owners. When you adopt a dog, you and your pet could become part of one of these amazing communities. These outreach programs aim to continue to support you and your pet not only throughout the adoption process but throughout their lives by providing pet owners in the community with a support network. Some features of these outreach programs include educating the public on dog health, training, and social events. Not only will you be adding a member to your own family, but you and your family will have the opportunity to become members of a huge family of Golden retriever lovers and advocates.

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A Little More About Rescue Centers and Rescue Dogs

While some rescues cater to a variety of breeds, there are rescues on this list that only rescue Golden retrievers. There’s probably no difference in the quality of these rescues, but some believe that only rescuing Goldens allows them to better understand the breed and its needs, both physically and behaviorally. These dogs have been selectively bred to have certain personality traits; therefore, in these communities, you’ll be able to get more specific advice about any behavioral concerns you might have.

You may not like the idea of your pet being joined at the hip to you all the time, and some rescues may be able to show you dogs that display less of this trait, or can give you advice about how to alter this behavior. Goldens also have breed-related health issues, and these rescues will be able to give you more information about it.

Rescue centers take in stray and abused dogs, as well as dogs separated from their loving families due to circumstances. Often, in situations of abuse and neglect, these dogs have only felt betrayal and pain. The dedicated volunteers at these rescue centers can give these dogs full health checks and amend any issues they may have, such as being underweight, sores, and skin conditions, to ensure they are no longer in physical pain.

Finally, these dogs undergo any behavioral therapy needed for rehabilitation. Some of these Golden retrievers are initially terrified of people due to their experiences – unfriendly, unwilling to interact, sometimes even hostile. In time, they can learn to trust and love people again and can soon become ready to meet their forever family.

Adoption Process

Before you adopt any dog, you need to be sure that they are right for you and your family. Rescue centers can help you with this through meet and greets with multiple dogs. This will allow you to get an insight into a dog’s personality and how they interact with you and different members of your family. Again, volunteers will be able to provide you with information about the traits of an individual, and often rescues display fact sheets about a dog such as their age, sex, and if they’re suitable for households with other animals and children. 

Part of the adoption process might involve a check of your home to make sure it’s a suitable environment for a particular dog. If you have any other animals, they will need to be introduced to the dog you plan to adopt to ensure that they’re compatible with each other. This can help to reduce the risk of fights breaking out in your home and having to make the heartbreaking decision to return your newly adopted dog to the rescue center. Volunteers will be able to answer any concerns you may have related to the dog in question and give you any specific recommendations such as the dog’s favorite treats, toys, et cetera that would help them to settle in.

Final Thoughts

As much as you may want to help any and every dog in need of it, there will be dogs that are simply not suitable for you, unfortunately. Even if you need to be patient until the right dog comes along, you will find the perfect match for your household, and you’ll be able to shower them with the love that they deserve.

If you want to adopt a Golden retriever but have further questions about the adoption processes, you should contact one of your state’s rescues for more information.