Things You Should Know About Golden Retriever Cost

Pet Care


May 18, 2020

So you happen to walk past the pet shop at the mall, and now all you can think about is that cute Golden retriever puppy in the back that’s super playful and licks your hand. You’re thinking of some fun names – maybe Max, Spot, or Sam? Your heart gets set on great Golden retriever puppies name, and then you see the price.

We can sometimes find ourselves thinking, “It couldn’t cost that much to own a dog, could it?” The reality of the matter is that it can cost an order of magnitude more to own a Golden retriever than what people initially think. Many people only think as far as dog food, but the ongoing costs for owning a Golden retriever can definitely stack up. Make sure to know these costs and have the ability to give your beloved pet everything they need for a happy life in your home.  

Initial Golden Retriever Costs

The initial cost of owning a Golden retriever is pretty easy to understand. Most pet stores or dog shelters will have a set “sticker price” that generally covers the first vaccines and checkups (if you’re looking at a puppy), along with the store’s operating costs. A purebred Golden retriever bought through a breeder can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. If you’re buying a puppy from a shelter, establishments generally have a set price from $50 to $300. While it’s appealing to find the best purebred breeder in your area, consider visiting your local shelters and walk through them to say hello. You might just find a great best friend to take back home!

These initial costs are easy enough to understand, but what about the rest? First-time pet buyers should make sure to educate themselves to know exactly what kind of friend they will be bringing back to their home. It’s a good idea to check out Golden retriever books and videos on Golden retriever puppies to ensure that you’re ready. 

Ongoing Golden Retriever Costs

With those first costs and knowledge out of the way, what are some other things to look out for when raising a Golden retriever? Here are some of the main ongoing costs that pet owners will likely see as they bring up their cherished cuddly friends.   

  • Food for Golden retrievers

High-quality Golden retriever diet and treats are essential to keep your four-legged buddy in tip-top shape. The costs for dog food can vary depending on how active your Golden retriever is. In most cases, your costs for dry dog food will run around $30 to $60 a month. Of course, this will also depend on the brand and type of dog food you buy. Remember that your happy family member also deserves treats for being such a good boy!   

  • Golden retriever training

Some pet owners decide to enroll their dogs in obedience schools to learn their manners. The cost will depend on whether you choose group lessons or private lessons. These costs can range from $25 per class to $80 per class, or hundreds to over one thousand dollars for a week-long course. This may sound expensive, but some owners consider paid dog training a necessity to make certain that their new Golden retriever will behave well in their new home.     

  • Vet checkups

Routine checkups at the vet are essential for your dog to maintain good health. Your plans should include going to the vet at least once or twice a year for regular checkups, which can cost you around $200 to $300 a visit. Other costs may spring up, such as lab work and dental work. Both of these are important as a part of preventative health care for your Golden retriever. Vet costs will likely go up as your dog ages, as various health problems may come up.   

  • Emergency care

Emergencies happen all of a sudden and are unexpected. Costs that go along with these kinds of emergencies can also get unexpectedly high. Since the Golden retriever is a fairly large breed, the vet will likely need more supplies and medicine to perform their treatment. A pet emergency can accumulate costs over $5,000 in some cases. An unexpected expense like this is a hard hit to take for most people. Many pet owners do their best to put away a little bit whenever they can to cover these kinds of emergencies.   

  • Medication and supplements

Preventative medication for your Golden retriever is a hidden cost that a lot of pet owners forget to think about. Some pets may need insulin, other allergy medicine, and all dogs need medicine to prevent ticks, fleas, heartworms, and other parasites. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet about your dog’s needs.

While dogs with a perfectly balanced diet may not need any supplemental vitamins, your vet may recommend different supplements like Omega 3s, glucosamine, and probiotics depending on the energy level and age of your Golden retriever. The costs for these medications and supplements may range anywhere from $100 to $500 per year.    

  • Dog walking and pet sitting

Sometimes life can get in the way of taking care of your dog and taking them on good long walks. We all need a little vacation every once in a while, but who’s going to take care of Fido while you’re gone? That’s where dog walking and pet sitting services come into play.

There are professional dog walkers in most larger cities and towns. Even if you live in a smaller town, there’s a good chance a high schooler down the street is looking for ways to make some money. Dog walkers will generally charge for every walk, and base the cost on how long they walk your dog. Many walkers have a 15-20 minute option, a 30-minute option, and some dog walkers have longer options available.

As Golden retrievers are a larger dog breed, they need a good 30-minute walk at least once a day, with short bursts of play throughout the day. Many dog walkers will charge anywhere from $10 to $30 per walk, depending on competition and demand.

You’ve been saving up for that dream vacation, and you’re finally packing up and feeling that vacation excitement! While some people take their dogs for support, Golden retrievers are quite large, and many families decide to leave their dog with a trusted pet sitter. Much like dog walking, pet sitting rates can vary depending on competition and region. The average cost per night for a pet sitter to stay at your home is $75.

The benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter while away on vacation is that your home is left occupied, your pets can depend on the sitter for proper care and feeding, and the sitter can respond quickly to any emergencies in case your pets need the vet.   

  • Toys, bedding, other supplies

Just like how we need a good place to sleep and some things to keep us occupied, dogs should have good quality equipment of their own. Apart from a good set of dog bowls and a nice, sturdy doghouse (if your dog is going to be outside), there are some additional expenses to keep in mind. One of the first important things to get for your Golden retriever is a good, high-quality leash. There are many dog leashes for various use cases from a basic nylon leash to a retractable leash.

Your good boy needs a comfy place to settle down for the night or take his afternoon naps. Find a dog bed that fits well, and clean it somewhat regularly so your dog can have a good sleep. Finally, choosing the right dog toy might take a little bit of guesswork in the beginning. Dogs will naturally favor certain types of toys or individual toys over other ones. Your dog might like chewing ropes, squeaky balls, or a screaming duck! Pick out some toys at the pet store and see what kind of toys your dog likes the most.   

  • Grooming

One of the final cost items to consider for your Golden retriever is the cost associated with grooming. Your Golden retriever’s fur is going to grow out and shed with the seasons. Just as we like to go to the salon or barber to get a trim, dogs will have a better time in the hotter months with short, clean fur. Grooming prices will depend on your city, but full services will generally cost anywhere between $45 and $75.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, everything that goes into the initial Golden retriever cost and ongoing costs can rack up into the thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars annually. Many people say you can’t put a price on health, but before you bring home a new member of your family, make sure that you can fit these costs into your budget. Above all else, make sure to give your Golden retriever all the tummy rubs he deserves!