The French Bulldog Colors– Cuteness Personified

Pet Care


February 2, 2021

Frenchie, or the French Bulldog as you might know it, is a very popular domestic breed of dog that is incredibly loyal and would do anything for its owners. The French bulldog colors also vary depending on its parents. However, it’s mostly available in a mixture of different colors, including black, white, and brown.

If you are thinking of buying a French bulldog for your house, you should know that the breed requires a bit of care. There are a few changes that you will have to make to your property, and it’s also important that you understand the requirements of this breed. Here are a few things that you should know about this dog.

A Unique Face

One of the things that you should know about the French bulldog is that it has a very distinctive face. It’s got a very cute face that has been bred over generations, and many people simply can’t resist giving the pet a scratch or a pat on its head. However, you should know that the host of extra wrinkles and their relatively flat faces may require a bit of additional attention.

Your grooming time is likely to increase, since you will have to meticulously clean their face and make sure that all dirt is wiped out from the folds. You should take a damp cloth and wipe off all of the extra dirt. Or, you can use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the dog’s face properly. This is important, otherwise infections are likely to spread.

Furthermore, you should always take the time to dry the dog’s face once you are done. It’s imperative that you take a dry towel and rub it gently on the dog’s face to ensure that there is no moisture on the dog’s face. If there’s moisture in the folds on the dog’s face, it could lead to serious irritation and can also cause the growth of bacteria.

Keeping the Dog Fit

Keeping the dog fit is going to be a different challenge altogether. Usually, French bulldogs don’t require a lot of exercise. But, you should know that if the dog doesn’t get its daily run-around, its energy levels are likely to decrease over time, and the dog is also likely to suffer from overheating. Therefore, you have to be quite aware of the dog’s activity levels.

You should consider taking your dog for short walks at least once a day, as it’s going to help keep the dog fit. The dog also needs a good play session in the house, and they are very fun animals to be around. These dogs are generally quite inquisitive, so taking them to new areas around the house is also a great way to keep them engaged.

However, you should know that taking your pup out in the hot weather is a bad idea. These dogs have a tendency to overheat; you will notice this when the dog starts panting and its tongue hangs out. That’s a clear sign that the animal has been exposed to higher temperatures. In the summer, the best thing that you can do is to keep the dog indoors.

They Get Hot

As mentioned above, these dogs are incredibly sensitive to heat. They often get exhausted in higher temperatures, so if you are going out of the house, you have to make sure that you create a safe and suitable space with a cool temperature for the dog. If you leave the air conditioning turned off on a hot day, the dog may suffer from serious problems.

More importantly, you should make sure that cool, fresh water is always available for the dog. These dogs like to drink a lot of water, and it is a pretty good way to ensure that the dog’s body temperature never goes out of control. You have to keep an eye out for excessive panting or lethargy, since both of these are common indicators of heat exhaustion.

If the dog is drooling excessively or the dog’s gums turn bright red or purple, you might want to consider letting it relax in a cool environment. These dogs can also get overly cold as well. If the dog begins to shiver or starts showing signs of any breathing difficulties, you should consider taking it into a different environment. Cold air often puts additional strain on the dog’s respiratory system.

Health Problems

French bulldogs might be very cute, but you should know that these dogs tend to suffer from a myriad of health problems. In fact, before you decide to buy a French bulldog, it is of vital importance that you read about the many different issues that the animal can suffer from. Here are just some of the many health issues that the dog is likely to suffer from.

Dental Problems

French Bulldogs tend to suffer from a litany of dental problems. Dental problems are perhaps the most common chronic problem that these pets tend to suffer from, and they usually begin to show up when the dog turns around two. Dental problems usually begin with a buildup of tartar on the dog’s teeth, and quickly progress into serious periodontal issues.

There is an elevated risk that the animal will end up losing its teeth, and there’s also a pretty strong chance that the dog might end up suffering damage to its kidneys and its liver. Therefore, it’s important that you clean the dog’s teeth on a consistent basis.


The French bulldog is quite susceptible to different kinds of infections, both viral and bacterial. Parvo, for instance, is a common problem that affects French bulldogs quite often. Other infections such as rabies and distemper are also quite common among these animals. You have to make sure that you take your dog to the vet on a consistent basis. Make sure all vaccinations are completed too.


Another issue that the dog is likely to suffer from is obesity. Obesity usually affects dogs that don’t get enough exercise, and it does turn into a serious problem. You have to make sure that you take your dog out for a walk at least once a day and make sure that it gets an adequate amount of exercise throughout the day.

Furthermore, you also need to keep a firm eye on what the dog is being fed. Make sure you don’t leave food in its bowl throughout the day, because the dog is going to overfeed and will eventually become obese. Therefore, it’s recommended that you only give the dog food at specific times during the course of the day.

You should also know that this breed suffer from a host of different genetic dispositions, and these are going to require a bit of care. From spinal deformities to back-related problems, the French Bulldog usually has a tough time as it grows old. You will want to make sure that you can care for the dog properly before you decide to adopt or buy one.