20 Best Female Golden Retriever Names and Their Meanings

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May 19, 2020

Golden retrievers are known for their playfulness, loyalty, and of course, their adorable looks. This is all the more true for females who make the most gentle, loving companions – the perfect dog to complete your family. So it’s only natural that you’ll want an ideal name for your beloved fluff ball. We’ve collected some of the best female Golden retriever names to help you find one to match your pet’s unique personality and looks. 

The Most Beautiful Female Golden Retriever Names

These adorable golden creatures love playing fetch because they were originally bred to “retrieve” hunted game such as duck and waterfowl. They are fairly easy to train and even make excellent guide dogs. Today, they’re some of the most popular dogs that people have as pets in the USA. Although their breed name itself indicates their distinctive color, these pooches have fur that varies from deep blonde to a pale, almost whitish tone. Golden retrievers have long coats, with a thick inner coat that keeps them warm outdoors and an outer coat that lies flat and repels water and lets them enjoy some splashy fun!

But it’s important to put some thought into naming your Golden retriever because your dog’s name will become the signal that tells her to pay attention to you.  You need to make sure it’s both simple and easily distinguishable from other words. That way, your pet will be able to learn her name quickly and recognize it whenever you speak to her. Since there’s such a wide variety of options to pick from, we’ve shortlisted just 20 unique names for your female Golden retriever. They range from classic and cute to regal and trendy. Let’s check them out.

  1. Roxy

Roxy is a variation of Roxanne, and you can also spell it as Roxie. It is of Persian and Greek origin and can mean “dawn” or “bright as a star.” It’s a perfect choice for your Golden retriever who adds radiance to your life and shows you the way when you’re lost.

  1. Bonnie

This cute Gaelic or Scottish name means “beautiful” and “cheerful.” It’s an ideal moniker for your playful and charming female retriever. It would suit a dog that’s always good-natured and affectionate. 

  1. Champagne

This one’s an excellent choice if you love anything French-sounding. Champagne is a region of France made famous by its production of the alcoholic beverage of the same name. An ideal pick for your bubbly pet who adds some sparkle and delight to your memories.

  1. Asa

This simple yet sweet name is of Hebrew origin, and it means “healer.” It’s certainly an apt choice for Golden retrievers, who are known to be some of the most gentle and comforting dogs. It’s a unique name that’s also easy for your pet to learn in a jiffy. 

  1. Duchess

If your pet’s a beautiful yet bossy golden girl, then Duchess could be a fantastic choice. The name derives from the feminine form of the Latin “dux,” which means “leader” or “commander.” Let your pet lead you to fun times and command joy always with this regal name. 

  1. Ember

Ember means “spark” and could be an ideal name for your fiery female Golden retriever. Consider it if your pet is full of energy and raring to go. It’s a name that matches both the color and personality of your pup. 

  1. Rosebud

Roses signify so many beautiful things, from love and friendship to joy, gratitude, desire, and more. Name your pet Rosebud and capture all the emotions that she evokes within you. A gentle and feminine name for your gentle canine friend.

  1. Savannah

Does the soft golden coat of your pup remind you of sunlit open plains? Then you may consider the name Savannah, which is of both Spanish and Native American origin. It will be an especially lovely choice if your dog loves roaming the outdoors. 

  1. Sadie

Treat your pet like royalty and give her the name Sadie, which means “princess.” It’s delicate and demure, yet a classic name that’ll never go out of style. Sadie originates from the popular name “Sarah” but has a charm of its own. 

  1. Doe

Does your Golden retriever have gorgeous innocent eyes? Then why not name her after female deer, which are known for their soulful gaze. Doe makes for a name that’s easy for your pet to learn, yet pretty unique.

  1. Clio

Clio was the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry. This cute name for female Golden retrievers means “glory” and makes for a charming and easy-to-learn moniker for your glorious pup. 

  1. Layla

There’s a famous Arabian story in which Layla was the unrequited lover of a poet. So this name has roots in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian language. It’s a lovely lyrical name that translates to “night,” and it’s guaranteed to appeal to all the romantic souls. 

  1. Coco

If you’re a fashion lover, then why not name your golden girl after the iconic Coco Chanel? This name is of both French and Spanish origin and alludes to chocolate. It would be perfect for a pet that has her own signature way of doing things! 

  1. Joy

Short, simple, yet so meaningful. Joy derives from the old French word “joie,” which signifies delight and great happiness. It’s a classic old-school name for your female Golden retriever.

  1. Jaggery

You’ve probably never heard this one before. Jaggery is a natural brown sugar that’s popularly used in India. The word has quite a nice ring to it and would make a one-of-a-kind name for your one-of-a-kind pet.

  1. Nala

If you or your kids love the Disney classic, The Lion King, this could be the perfect name for your female Golden retriever. It’s of African origin and means “successful.” It will certainly make a fitting name if your pet’s akin to a loving lioness. 

  1. Galaxie

If your pet is your whole world, then why not give her a name to match. Galaxie is a novel and unusual name that will make your golden lady stand out in a crowd. It would be perfect for a dog that’s wise beyond her years. 

  1. Kaya

This name has many origins, from Native American to Japanese, African, Turkish, Scandinavian, and Indian. It usually implies purity, softness, and wisdom—an ideal moniker for your innately intelligent and sensitive pooch. 

  1. Vixie

Is your female Golden retriever as intelligent and sharp as a fox? Then Vixie is an endearing name that can match her personality. It alludes to vixens, the regal female counterparts of foxes.

  1. Angel

Your pet dog is sure to transform your life, so why not name her after a spiritual being? After all, she’s your guardian angel and messenger. This name would suit canines who are particularly peace-loving and calm.

Final Thoughts

The name you pick will be the single most important word that your dog ever learns. If you have trouble choosing, it’s recommended that you include your pup in the process. Try out a few different names and see which one she responds to best. Don’t rush and take your time with it.

Once you pick one out, it’s time to get your pet used to it. Try giving her a treat each time she responds to her name. That will ensure she catches on soon enough. Here’s wishing you years of happiness, cuddles, and unforgettable moments with your beloved female Golden retriever.