What Color Doodle Should You Get?

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July 5, 2022

Doodles are hybrid dogs. They are a mix between poodles and some other dog breeds. For instance a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle is called a Labradoodle. These mixed breeds mainly came into existence because there was a rising need for dogs that had hypo-allergenic hair.

Since poodles are hypo-allergenic dogs, people started thinking that any dog that was cross bred with a poodle would produce a dog with similar traits.

Why Are Doodles Special?

Doodles are famous for being laid-back, friendly, and low-shedding dogs. This was a very appealing idea for puppy mills. All of a sudden you could see doodles everywhere. Designer dogs became the new “in” thing. Among them, goldendoodles became exceptionally famous.

These mixed breed dogs are wanted by all dog lovers. People who love dogs but are allergic to dog hair, especially want doodles so that they could have a cuddle buddy. The biggest decision however is regarding their color. Goldendoodles come in varying colors and you can easily get your desired pick.

What Are Some Color Options Among Goldendoodles?

They come in such gorgeous colors that it would be difficult to just decide from off of the top of your head. It requires some comparisons to arrive at a decision. Following are some color options that you can choose from when it comes to goldendoodles:

Apricot Goldendoodle

They resemble extremely cute and cuddly teddy bears. This is the main reason why this color is the top one that is the most sought after. AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes apricot as a color in goldendoodles. They are the most readily available color and can easily be found in many places.

These Goldendoodles have specific black points on their body such as their eye rims, nails and nose. The puppy’s fur coat will gradually change color from apricot to a tan or cream color with time.

Brown Goldendoodle

This Goldendoodle is every dog lover’s utmost favorite. A milk chocolate brown color that looks almost too good to be true. This color is recognized by the AKC. You will find brown goldendoodles very commonly in dog parks. In those doodles where the poodle genes are dominant, you will mostly see brown color.

Cream Goldendoodle

These are just the opposite of the brown ones. Just like they all look mostly the same and are more commonly available. These cream Goldendoodles rarely resemble each other. Their physical makeup looks very different from each other.

Light colored nails and eyes are very common in cream Goldendoodles. Sometimes these features might also look pink tinged. Just like brown and apricot ones have black areas, these ones have pale and lighter features.

Red Goldendoodles

These are the brightest colored doodles. Their fur coats shine from afar. These also look a lot like teddy bears. This is a big reason for their popularity because who would not like a large cuddly teddy bear like a dog that does not even shed hair or cause allergies?

Red color is not officially recognized by the AKC. But many expert breeders experiment with poodles and golden retrievers and achieve this colored fur coat.

Black Goldendoodle

You heard it right, black goldendoodles do exist. They are an unusual sight because black is a recessive gene for poodles and golden retrievers. The color black shows up very rarely in goldendoodles.

In order for a goldendoodle to turn out black both the parents need to have the recessive gene, only then will it turn up in the offspring. These dogs have black colored eyes, nose and paw pads. This is in contrast to the other colored doodles whose physical features vary amongst each other.

Tan Goldendoodle

These are usually a good mix of the apricot and cream doodles color. These again look a lot like teddy bears and are a common sight in most dog shows and dog parks.

This color is also a huge favorite of dog lovers along with brown and apricot ones.

Tuxedo Goldendoodles

Just like the name, these are a great combination of black and white color. This doodle’s color is extremely rare. But when it does pop up, these puppies are to die for.

This sort of color can be achieved when a partial golden retriever and poodle are bred together. These have white hind legs, white bib, white belly and the rest if their body is black.

White Goldendoodles

These are not as popular as other doodle colors. The main issue with them is that these puppies can be extremely sensitive. These doodles can easily develop sunburns and skin conditions. These dogs are very scaredy and tend to frequently suffer from digestion issues.

Brindle Goldendoodles

This is an extremely rare color in doodles. Their base color is red and with black colored stripes. This is a specific recessive gene that needs to be present in both the parent dogs.

Sometimes there will be stripes and other times there will be black colored flecks all over the fur coat.

What Are Some Common Characteristics of Doodles?

These dogs are extremely friendly and happy. They are active and playful. The best thing that you can do for them is to get them daily exercise. They love water activities and it is very easy to train them to swim.

Doodles can be generally very easy dogs to train. You can also do most of the training at home instead of hiring a dog trainer. These dogs can easily befriend human beings and other dogs.

What Should You Look Out for When Getting a Doodle for Yourself?

There are certain things that you should look out for when getting a doodle. It is better to go to a professional breeder instead of a puppy mill. Professional breeders take care of a lot of factors when breeding these dogs.

The breeds that you find in puppy mills come with a lot of health and behavioral issues. Breeding is something that is technical and scientific, and it should be left up to the people who know better.


Getting a doodle for yourself will probably be the best decision that you will ever make if you are a dog lover. These dogs are a breath of fresh air with their teddy bear like appearances and amiable personalities.

A brown colored goldendoodle is the best option if you have always wanted a dog. Since these are mixed breeds you should always perform proper checks before taking the doodle home with you.