Why Your Dog Needs a Paddling Pool

Pet Care


June 22, 2020

Picture a hot sunny day, and the ocean breeze hits you as you walk down the street. Or maybe you’re lucky to have access to a pool, and the reflection of the dazzling waters hits your face.

Wouldn’t you drop everything and dip right in? Who doesn’t enjoy a good swim, especially when the weather is just right? Let’s not forget the bonus that comes with swimming: a healthy body. Well, your dog feels the same way, if not worse.  

Why a Paddling Pool is Great For Your Dog

In the same way that you find swimming enjoyable, so does your furry companion. Your dog may not say it, but they really love swimming. If you have never taken your dog out for a swim, here are reasons you should reconsider. 

  • Exercise 

Have you ever noticed how swimmers have such amazing bodies? They almost seem not to have even an ounce of fat on them. This is because as little as 20 minutes of intensive swimming daily is equivalent to nearly two hours in the gym. Your dog’s health is exactly the same.

Every dog needs to exercise regularly to remain healthy. A couple of minutes of active paddling is equivalent to an hour, if not more, of walking. This is especially beneficial to dogs that are very energetic and require intensive exercises such as Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, and Siberian huskies. So, if you’ve been looking to squeeze in some exercise time for your pup, but you don’t seem to have much free time, then swimming is an excellent idea for you. Isn’t this an incredible win-win situation? 

  • Stimulation 

A bored dog is an unhappy dog. Your pup is likely to become destructive and generally a nuisance if you don’t engage them physically and mentally. This is especially true for dogs who have a history of working and sporting careers. Swimming is, therefore, an excellent stimulant for dogs. It’s even more fun for them if you join in with some games. A simple fetch game will do. 

  • Cooling Off 

It is not uncommon to experience extremely high temperatures during summer. During such times it becomes almost impossible to leave the house or do any intensive training. Swimming then becomes the perfect solution combining a little exercise with cooling off. 

  • Release Energy 

The average adult pooch can sleep for almost 12 hours a day, explaining why they end up with a lot of pent-up energy that they must dispense. Although a simple walk in the neighborhood will suffice, swimming is a much more enjoyable way of burning excess energy. It will also provide them with an alternative way of exercising. 

  • Therapeutic Benefit 

If your dog is old or injured and experiences pain whenever they move their muscles, swimming might be a great source of therapy. Heated pools have a set temperature that your pup is sure to enjoy. They’ll feel like being in a tub! By merely paddling in the water, your furry friend’s sore and tight muscles are going to feel relaxed. They will be so comfortable that they may not even realize that they’re working out.  

How to Choose the Best Paddling Pool for Your Dog

Now that you know the benefits of cooling your dog off during hot seasons, the next thing is knowing how to identify the best pool. Here are several things you will need to look out for: 

  • Inflatable pools are great in terms of storage, as well as how portable they are. They are perfect for households that enjoy a little travel or probably don’t have as much backyard space as they’d like. Their most significant disadvantage, however, is that they puncture easily. Even a small hole will force you to replace the pool.    
  • Collapsible pools will last you slightly longer than a year. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that the materials are still rather weak and can get damaged if mishandled.     
  • Plastic pools are generally the better of the bunch. They are made from sturdy material that will last you a long time. Their greatest disadvantage is that, unlike the two former types, plastic pools cannot be included in your family trip. 

What Are the Best Dog Paddling Pools Available?

Very few dog breeds can adapt to the blistering temperatures of summer. Winter dogs such as the Siberian husky and Newfoundland have thick double coats that shield them through the harsh cold winters. When the summer season arrives, such pups are bound to struggle with the drastic change of temperatures. While it may be great to have a swimming pool, most people may not have access to such facilities. Here are some of the paddling pools that you can count on to keep your dog and family cooled off excited. 

  • FEMOR Foldable Pet Dogs Cats Paddling Pool 

This foldable red pool stands at 30 cm tall and a diameter length of 163 cm. It is perfect for medium to large size dogs, allowing them to roll around in it comfortably. Its body is made from sturdy and long-lasting PVC material lined and sealed with screw fixtures, making it watertight. The FEMOR foldable pool is an excellent choice for families that love taking trips with their pups. The floor of the pool is lined with anti-slip material that is friendly, even for toddlers. Once playtime is over, you can quickly and conveniently collapse it and store it in your garage or storeroom. 

  • Beyondfashion PVC Cat Dog Swimming Pool 

Also available in red, this pool has plenty of space to accommodate all dog sizes from small to large dog breeds. It spans 120 cm wide and 30 cm deep, and is made from reinforced MDF plates covered with a PVC lining protected from the harsh UV rays. The edges of the pool are also well padded and leak-proof. When it comes to storage, you can easily fold it down into square sections and store them in your cabinet. 

  • Coco Jojo Pop Up Pet Bath Dog Pool 

Falling under the small-sized pools category, the Coco Jojo is 65 cm wide and 25 cm deep. It comes in dazzling blue color and is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs to relax instead of playing. This pool comes with a galvanized spring steel frame that pops up and down hence allowing you to set it up as quickly as possible. Its thick double walled polyester lining combined with its waterproof quality guarantee no leaks. 

  • One Dog One Bone – Bone Shaped Dog Pool 

This pool is perfect for you if your household has two to three medium to large-sized dogs. Albeit pricey, your pups will be thrilled to take a dip together in the massive pool. This pool is made from a truck bed liner material that is not only resistant to UV rays but also resistant to chews, making it long-lasting and cheaper in the long-run. Its only disadvantage is that, unlike the other pools, it requires plenty of backyard space as it holds over 300 liters of water. 

  • One Dog One Bone – Paw Shaped Play Pool 

Another pool by One Dog One Bone, this one fits small to medium-sized pups. This pool guarantees you cool waters even in the hottest of summers. It can hold up to 90 liters of water while maintaining a sturdy posture. Since its design doesn’t include a drainage hole, you will need to tip over the foot to empty it. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the size of your home or your dog, there’s always something available for your pooch. As a fur parent, it is crucial to be aware of the safety guidelines that you will need to observe before letting your dog swim.

If you notice that your pup is having a hard time swimming, for instance, you will need to provide them with a dog-designed safety vest to help them stay afloat. All in all, you will not regret buying your fur baby some happiness.