Dog Obedience Training Cost: Is It Expensive?

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April 2, 2023

There are numerous types of training classes for dogs, and one of the most common types is obedience training. Just about any dog can benefit from obedience training, especially dogs that are unruly and tend to not do well with training from their owners.

The cost of an obedience class can vary depending on who offers the class and whether it’s a one-on-one class or a group class. The average price for an obedience class is around $50, but it can be higher or lower depending on other factors.

What Is Obedience Training?

Obedience training teaches dogs to obey basic commands, and they are commands that all dogs need to know. In short, the commands are necessary for you to keep control of the dog and which make it safer for both the dog and the people and animals in its environment. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has set certain guidelines for obedience training, and according to them, all dogs should know and be able to respond a minimum of five commands, which include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Down
  • Come

This isn’t to say that other commands aren’t good for them to know, but these five are the very minimum they should learn. Dogs need obedience because it helps them adjust to all types of social situations. If they are properly trained, they’ll be able to respond to your command regardless of where they are at the moment or what the situation is.

While there are different types of training for dogs, obedience training differs because it not only teaches the dog how to obey commands but also how to be trained. You can consider obedience training to be similar to someone learning their ABCs.

Without this foundation, no one can further their education or learn anything else that’s important for survival. You have to start with the basics, and for dogs the “basics” are included in obedience training.

Dog Obedience Training Cost

In order to determine how much you’ll end up paying for your dog’s obedience training, you have to first decide whether you’re going to go with a private trainer or enroll your dog in a training class. In general, classes can cost $30-80 per hour, with the average price being $50 for a one-hour class. If you choose a personal trainer, you should expect to pay $80-160 per class, with the average being around $120. This may seem pricey, but remember that your dog gets individualized attention.

If money is no object, you might want to consider a class that requires the dogs to board there for the week. These classes can be one week in length, six weeks in length, or anything in between, but you can expect to pay $200-600 per week for the classes. If the class is an intensive “boot camp” style obedience training, the price is usually $500-1,200 per week.

You’re likely wondering at this point how long your dog will have to remain in obedience classes, but the answer is difficult to pinpoint. If your class is only one or two times per week, it will naturally take longer than a class that takes place five days a week. You’ll also want to learn the main goals of the class because this often determines how long it will be before you see results.

And while the costs mentioned earlier are just averages, remember that in some cases, obedience classes can cost thousands of dollars, but that usually applies to private classes. Group classes or classes offered by pet stores, for example, usually cost a lot less than this. The good thing is, most classes come at a set price that includes everything, so you’ll know upfront exactly how much it’s going to cost you.

Tips to Making the Classes More Effective

To be sure, there are things you can do to increase the odds of the obedience training class having lasting results for your dog. Remember, obedience classes should be thought of as a beginning, not an ending, and the following tips can help:

  • Make sure you use positive reinforcement and never punishment or negative reinforcement. Praise and treats are what most people use, but if your dog’s favorite thing in the world is a certain toy or other object, reward it with that instead.
  • Start the training when the dog is a puppy, if possible. Most experts recommend the dog taking obedience classes while still a puppy, although you shouldn’t start them too For most puppies, waiting until they are 7-12 weeks old generally works best.
  • Keep in mind that you’ll want to continue with the dog’s training program once they get finished with the class. Find out exactly what and how the instructor is teaching your pet and continue training it once it completes the class.

You can think of these classes as a team effort. To be successful, the classes need the support of your instructor, the dog, and you! The classes are much more successful when the three of you work together and when you decide to continue the dog’s training once you’re at home.

Why Take Your Dog to an Obedience Training Class?

You might think that only certain dogs need to attend an obedience training class, but the truth is, it’s a good idea for nearly every dog to take one of these classes. Some of the many advantages of an obedience class include:

  • Your dog is much easier to control and manage
  • It can greatly increase the dog’s socialization skills
  • It allows for safer dogs and a safer society
  • The class is a lot of fun for the dog
  • You can bond better with your dog


Obedience classes are beneficial for most dogs, and they can cost anywhere from $30-50 per hour up to several thousand dollars per week. The ultimate cost will depend on whether the class is private or a group class, not to mention how long it lasts.

The main tip to remember is that obedience classes are a starting point for your dog to learn even more in the future.The good news is that most instructors will let you know upfront how much the class is going to cost you.