Everything You Should Know About Dog Grooming And Bathing

Pet Care


February 28, 2020

Grooming and bathing care are among the common things you have to know more about when thinking of welcoming a pet dog into your life. Having a clean and healthy home contributes to the grooming and bathing of your dog.

However, grooming and bathing your dog also requires training your dog to enjoy bath time.

In your journey to gaining knowledge about grooming and bathing your dog, this short comprehensive guide will be everything you need.

Aside from keeping your home clean and healthy, dog grooming is an essential part of making sure your pet dog is happy and healthy. Grooming them regularly is one of the fundamentals you should know about it.

Having the right equipment, following a routine and covering all the steps each time you do it makes dog grooming easier for you and enjoyable for your pet dog. Keep in mind that dog grooming is more than just bathing and brushing your dog.

It includes cleaning your pet dog’s ears and teeth as well as nail clipping. Dealing with issues such as matted hair and skunk spray is another basic item that should be part of your dog grooming checklist.

What You Should Know Before Grooming Dogs?

Dog grooming and bathing does not have to happen on a daily basis. Having basic steps as part of your routine makes it less of a chore when doing it once a month. Depending on the type of breed of your dog, you may be required to do this more often, especially when your pet dog is long-haired.

However, as part of your dog grooming routine, brushing your dog’s teeth is a task that should be done at least once a week, yet bathing and nail clipping is another task that needs to be done with lesser frequency. A vital part of pet care is bathing your dog as needed.

Having dogs with a healthy skin and coat is a common reason to bathe and groom your dogs. Aside from that, this also helps remove an unpleasant odor and any accumulated dirt on your dog’s coat and fur.

A few advantages of dog grooming and bathing also include clean skin and coat, which also removes loose hair, scale, and debris. Dog grooming and bathing also makes your pet dog’s fur shinier than before. However, for some dogs that may have specific skin conditions, a visit to the veterinarian is highly recommended.

How to Train Your Dogs to Like Baths 

Some human beings skip baths once or twice. Your dogs are not able to change fur the same way human beings change clothes. They are also not likely to enjoy baths the way humans do. Training them to like bath time is a process you should have patience with. Using the following steps will help train dogs to like the whole dog grooming and bathing process.

  • Unlike humans, dogs are not always comfortable with being handled. Teach them to get used to this by patting and stroking different parts of their bodies. Try praising and rewarding them with dog treats for remaining calm and allowing you to handle them. Think of this as positive reinforcement.
  • However, when handling your pet dogs, remember to go slowly when patting and stroking them on particular parts of their body towards each leg.
  • As soon as you feel they are comfortable, gently lift up one paw at a time and gently touch their footpads and nails along with other areas such as their ear flaps. This trains your dog to become comfortable and less likely to overreact when touching them in these particular areas while you groom and bathe them.
  • Slowly introduce your dog to grooming and bathing while giving them a lot of praise and rewards for their calm behavior. This helps them tolerate the whole grooming and bathing process. Positive reinforcement also helps them associate bathing with positive things, making it easier for you and a pleasant experience for your dog.
  • Be calm and remind yourself to speak to them in a positive tone. This helps your dog to relax. Make sure to give your pet dog a tasty treat after bathing and grooming them so they will remember this as a positive activity.
  • Introduce the bath equipment to your pet dog. Aside from the common equipment such as towels, buckets, shampoo containers and hoses, make sure bath time also includes a toy or two.
  • This way, it’ll be easier to create a playful and enjoyable experience for your pet dog. Have a non-slip mat and give your dog a reward for staying on the mat during bath time. Get your pet dog used to standing in the bath tub without any water in it.
  • Your pet dog will gradually get used to being inside the bathtub with or without water. Keep a container of dog treats to continue giving him treats while you bathe him. Letting them know more about bath-related items also helps them associate these items with bathing. This helps to train your pet dog to enjoy bath time.
  • A nice walk before bath time also helps in releasing your pet dog’s energy making your dog less energetic during bath time. However, do not bathe your dog as soon as you’re done with your short activity. You and your pet dog should have a short rest and relaxation before facing the whole task of grooming and bathing them.

Following these steps can positively introduce your pet dog to bath time. Having patience is part of being a dog owner. Don’t give up on learning more about dog grooming and bathing whenever your pet dog gets upset. Tomorrow is always another day.

Things You’ll Need for Grooming Your Dog

For doing the job right, good dog grooming and bathing equipment is necessary. There is no need to purchase the most expensive equipment to keep your pet dog in a clean and healthy condition. Keep in mind that most of the equipment necessary for dog grooming and bathing can be bought without spending too much money.

Keep all these items in a bag or a box then remember to groom your pet dog on a regular basis or as needed as a way to keep your pet dog happy and healthy.

  • Every dog owner should have a good brush to keep their dog’s hair nice and well-groomed. Brushing your dog’s hair on a regular basis eliminates tangles as well as matting. It also helps cut shedding down to a minimum as it stimulates better dog hair growth. Aside from that, it also makes your dog’s hair shine and become healthier.
  • Nail clippers. As part of dog grooming and bathing, cutting your dog’s nails is also a must. It makes your pet dog clean and tidy as well as preventing health issues from happening. This also keeps your pet dog from scratching and hurting others.
  • Nail clipping also makes sure your dog doesn’t get hurt when their nails accidentally break off. Investing in a good pair of nail clippers helps in making dog grooming a whole lot easier.
  • High-quality shampoo. Regular baths following your bathing routine is important. It is highly recommended to use a shampoo that perfectly fits your dog breed’s requirements and specific needs.
  • The right shampoo also helps in making sure your pet dog has clean, moisturized hair in addition to looking shiny and strong. Make sure to get a shampoo that is 100% safe. Be aware of the pH level of your shampoo choice.
  • Your pet dog is sure to have an extra burst of energy after a bath. It’s the same way human beings feel much more refreshed and energized after a bath.
  • A dry towel will keep your pet dog from shaking off excess water everywhere and rolling on your clean carpet. Wrapping them in a dry towel with a quick hug after bath time is the best way to prevent a huge mess from happening.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush. A dog’s teeth are important. Neglecting them leads to severe health issues such as periodontal disease. Keep your dog’s oral health and hygiene in check by regularly brushing their teeth. Make sure to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste that are made for dogs.
  • Ear cleaner. With dogs having long ear canals, wax, dirt and other elements can easily build up there. For dogs that swim as part of their regular activities, it is very common for their ear or ears to be infected. Regular ear cleaning is also part of great dog grooming and bathing.
  • A handful of treats should be prepared as part of your basic dog grooming and bathing equipment. This is part of training your dog to take the experience as a pleasant endeavor; after all, you will be doing this on a regular basis. Treats can help make bath time a better experience for you and your dog.

Making sure your pet dog is happy and healthy is a top priority. Dog grooming and bathing equipment and tools make this easier and much more enjoyable for you and your dog. Regular bathing, nail cutting, and ear cleaning help in keeping your dog’s hygiene and health in check.