Do Golden Retrievers Like to Swim?

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September 9, 2022

During the summer, temperatures can climb quite high. This means that you need to find any method that you can in which to stay cool. One of the preferred methods is to go for a swim.

When you have a dog like a golden retriever, you may wonder if your dog can go for a dip with you. Here is all that you need to know about golden retrievers, their ability to swim, and whether they like to take a dip with you.

Do Golden Retrievers Like to Swim?

The short answer to “Do golden retrievers like to swim” is a resounding “Yes!” Golden retrievers love to swim in just about any kind of body of water. That means you can swim confidently and expect your golden to join you.

There are a few reasons for this, so let’s go deeper to find out more about golden retrievers, why they like to swim, their breed, and more.

Why are Golden Retrievers Good Swimmers?

The question isn’t so much “Do golden retrievers like to swim” but “Why are they such good swimmers?” Well, it turns out that golden retrievers are quite adept at maneuvering through the water, enjoying the coolness of the water just like you.

Golden retrievers love to swim because their breed is suited for it. While other dog breeds may like to swim, they may not naturally be all that good at it. These breeds have to receive proper training to swim well.

Golden retrievers, on the other hand, are natural swimmers because they were bred for a specific purpose. The original purpose of golden retrievers was to retrieve waterfowl. They were hunting dogs, tasked with fetching ducks that had been shot down over marshes and ponds.

This all means that golden retrievers were made to be capable swimmers. When the hunter would shoot the bird down, it would end up in the middle of the pond, lake, or marsh. Taking a boat out is not efficient, which means that it would be the job of the golden retriever to, well, retrieve the bird while swimming.

As a matter of fact, golden retrievers are deemed one of the 10 best swimming dog breeds. Most dogs will start to paddle when put into water, but not all of them will manage to sustain that paddling. Smaller breeds of dogs will get overwhelmed quickly.

The Active Lifestyle is a Benefit

Another thing about golden retrievers is that they are active dogs. One of the major reasons behind “Do golden retrievers like to swim” is that they are one of the most active breeds of dogs around. They require a lot of attention, playing, walking, fetching, and swimming.

Swimming is also a great activity for dogs that need to remain active since it is a low-impact activity. They are able to get in the kind of high-intensity workout that they need to remain healthy, all while putting little strain on their bodies. This ultimately helps them stay healthy and maintain their energy levels.

There is another reason why swimming is good for golden retrievers, not necessarily any other kind of dog. And the simple answer is that golden retrievers have high energy levels. They need to be active and playing at all times. Swimming is a great way for them to remain active, burn energy, and actually sleep better because they are so active.

It is recommended that golden retrievers get a minimum of an hour of exercise every single day. The more exercise that they get, the better. Just keep in mind their age and whether there are any underlying health issues to take into consideration.

Their Legs Make Them Great Swimmers

Being natural swimmers helps the golden retriever to be effective. And one of the biggest reasons that they are so effective is because they have long, strong hind legs that make them better to propel through the water.

On top of that, those long legs help them to stay afloat better and also to maneuver through the water better than other breeds. Their long legs, which are muscular and lean, are also ideal for giving them the endurance that is needed for staying above the water for long periods as well as swimming greater distances.

That’s not to say that other breeds can’t swim well; the Corgi has short legs and does pretty well in the water. But the natural build of the golden retriever makes it a naturally great swimmer, better than many other breeds out there.

Coupled with their high energy levels, it only makes sense that golden retrievers would love to get in the water and have a good time.


When the weather starts to get warmer, your golden retriever will be just as likely as you to want to find a reprieve. This means that you can take them into the water with you to cool down and have fun.

Because golden retrievers are great swimmers, you can rest easy knowing that you can have a dip whenever the weather dictates. Your golden will appreciate staying cool and enjoy having fun with you as well.