Can Slip Tie in Dogs Lead to Pregnancy?

Pet Health


February 28, 2022

If you are a new breeder, there would be a lot of things for you to learn. Although some aspects of breeding may seem confusing, over time you can learn to understand the behavior of dogs.

You will also know how to improve the breeding process and to assist your dogs when necessary for the best outcome. One of the things that you should learn about is slip tie as it is quite common during the mating process.

Copulation in Dogs

In order to understand slip breeding, you must first learn about the reason why dogs get tied during copulation. During the mating process, upon entering the vagina of the female dog, the front-facing bulb on the penis of the dog enlarges. When the bulb is fully swollen, the dogs get tied together until the completion of copulation.

Dogs stay tied anywhere between two to thirty minutes. Ejaculation takes place during this time period and copulation reaches its conclusion. Male dogs often step over the female dog once they are tied together. But during assisted breeding, handlers may also turn the dogs into a position where they are back to back.

What Is a Slip Tie?

Sometimes dogs may not stay tied during the copulation process. The male dog may withdraw from the female dog before the formation of the knot. If that happens, the process is known as slip tie mating. Although getting locked during copulation is common, slip tie in dogs also occurs frequently.

If you are a new breeder, you may worry about your dog withdrawing from the female dog early. But it is important not to try and force the animals to get locked. Dogs are excited animals by nature, which is why it is impossible to avoid a slip tie.

Can Slip Tie in Dogs Lead to Pregnancy?

A female dog can get pregnant on her very first estrous cycle, which goes to show that dogs can get pregnant pretty easily. As a result, accidental breeding is quite common among dogs of all breeds. However, the usual pregnancy process involves the animals getting locked together. So, it is understandable for breeders to wonder what are the chances of pregnancy in slip tie, if any.

It is totally possible for a dog to get pregnant after a slip tie mating. However, it will depend on one factor: whether the dog ejaculated before withdrawing or not. Since dogs may not always ejaculate before withdrawing, the percentage of pregnancy resulting from a slip tie is not very high.

Spillage of semen can also occur when a male dog is withdrawing from a female dog after ejaculation. It further brings down the fertility rate of slip mating. However, you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of pregnancy after slip mating.

Should You Rebreed Your Dog After a Slip Tie?

If the female dog does not stay still, the male dog’s bulbus glandis may swell outside, leading to a slip tie. Whatever the case may be, slip tie in dogs may lead you to fear that there won’t be a pregnancy. If you want the pregnancy to happen, you can wait until the next ovulation cycle of the dog.

Some breeders try to control the breeding of their dogs and take extreme steps to ensure pregnancy. If a slip tie occurs, you should not try to rebreed your dog. You also shouldn’t take the female dog away from the male dog if the slip tie occurs. It can cause unnecessary stress to your animals.

How Soon Can You Know If Your Dog Is Pregnant?

Since a slip mating may not always lead to pregnancy, you would want to know about the results as soon as possible. However, you cannot know until three weeks have passed after the mating to find out whether your dog has gotten pregnant or not.

Although there are a few signs of pregnancy that you can keep an eye out for, a veterinarian can perform an ultrasound after three weeks of mating to give you a clear answer.

What Are the Signs of Pregnancy?

The following signs are an indication that your dog is pregnant:

  • The number-one sign is a decrease in activity. If your dog gets tired quickly and takes longer naps, it could be a sign that she is pregnant.
  • Once your dog gets pregnant, she will also experience changes in her appetite. However, if your dog’s appetite changes while she shows no other sign of pregnancy, you should take her to the vet. A change in appetite alone is often a sign that your dog is sick.
  • Nesting behavior is common in almost all animals. If your dog is spending more time in safe and comfortable but hidden spaces around the house, it could be an indication that she is pregnant.
  • A very obvious sign of pregnancy is weight gain. If the abdominal region of your dog especially feels enlarged, it is almost always a sign of pregnancy.

At What Age Can a Dog Get Pregnant?

Dogs can get pregnant once they reach sexual maturity( But the age for sexual maturity in dogs depends on the breed. Dogs can reach sexual maturity as early as at four months of age. But there are also some breeds that reach sexual maturity once they are two years old.

Although dogs can get pregnant at a very young age, it is not always safe. It is better to wait until a dog is two years old to get them pregnant. If a dog gets pregnant after turning two, they are mostly likely to have a safe pregnancy. It would also be good for the long-term health of a dog to get pregnant after reaching two years of age.

When Can You Spay a Dog?

Fortunately, there’s no age limit to when you can get your dog spayed. If you are a dog owner and don’t want your house to be run over by puppies, you will have to get your dog spayed or neutered. Even if you have adopted an adult dog, you can still get them spayed.

All you have to do is take your dog to the vet and they will handle the rest for you. Once you get your dog spayed, you won’t have to worry about getting unwanted puppies.

Can Dogs Mate After Getting Neutered?

Your dog can have sex with a female dog when she’s in heat even if he has been neutered. Getting your dog neutered will not have a negative effect on their life. They can continue to have sex, if they want, if they have been neutered.

How to Take Good Care of Your Dog’s Health

If you want effective breeding and healthy puppies, you should take care of the health of your dogs.

However, if you are a new breeder, you may not know how to look after the health of your dogs. But there is no need to panic. A few tips can help you make sure that your dogs always stay healthy.

Schedule Regular Trips to the Vet

Regular health screenings of your dogs is very important. Animals cannot tell you when they are feeling sick or need pain medication.

Even experienced dog breeders sometimes don’t realize when their dogs have fallen sick. The best way to keep tabs on the health of your dogs is to schedule regular trips to the vet.

Your dog doesn’t have to be taken to the vet only when they are sick. Regular trips to the vet can keep you up to date about the health of your dog and help you avoid health problems.

Educate Yourself

There are things that you can learn through experience and things you can read about in advance. If you have decided to breed dogs, there are a lot of things you can learn through different sources. One of the best sources for you would be your vet. You can discuss breed related health conditions with your vet to educate yourself.

You can also join dog breed forums and learn from experienced breeders. Another way to educate yourself is to visit dog shows and exhibitions and talk to accomplished dog breeders there. There is a lot that experienced dog breeders can teach you as long as you are willing to learn and ask them for advice politely.

Know the Breed

Each dog breed has its own health conditions. If you are not familiar with the specific health conditions of the breed of your dogs, you won’t be able to become a successful breeder.

It is important to know that certain health conditions are unavoidable and may not have a cure. But there are health conditions that you can control with the help of a vet. If you know which conditions to look out for, you can keep your dogs safe. It would also lead to effective breeding and produce healthy puppies.

Breeding dogs require a lot of time and effort. If you are not familiar with things like a slip tie and the health conditions of your dogs, you may not be able to do a good job as a breeder. But if you educate yourself on important topics related to breeding, you will be able to become a successful breeder in no time.