10 Ways to Take Care of Your Dog during Winters in NYC

Pet Care


October 27, 2022

Inevitably, New York City endures a cold spell with lots of snow in winter. From playing in the snow, decorating the house for the holidays, baking cookies, to cozying up in front of a fireplace, the list is never-ending.

When it gets cold, you bundle up in thick clothing, crank up the heater, sip hot beverages, and take additional precautions to stay warm and secure. But what about your pawed family member?

Some breeds, like Huskies, do far better in the cold and snow than short-haired ones, such as Chihuahuas. However, if not taken care of, even pups adapted to winter conditions can be in jeopardy. So, regardless of whether your dog likes the snow or not, here are 10 ways to look after your dog in icy conditions.

1.  Cover Em’ up

Make sure your dog doesn’t get too chilly on walks, especially if they are small, have a thin coat, are older, or are a puppy. For many canines, dog coats are an absolute wintertime need. Invest in an insulated, water-resistant coat. This way, your dog will be less prone to illness and will enjoy the walks much more.

2.  Spend Money on a Warm Dog Coat

If you’re unsure whether or not your dog needs a jacket, it may be helpful considering your dog’s reaction to the cold. If your dog is hesitant to go outdoors in the snow to relieve itself, a sweater or dog jacket will be useful to keep the cold out.

3.  Keep the entire body of your pet warm

When it’s chilly outside, keep your dog indoors as much as you can. When going on walks, consider making your dog wear a sweater or coat to help it stay warm.

Your dog’s core temperature in winters must be at a comfortable level to retain healthy circulation in its paws. Not only that, but it will also have fewer cold-weather health issues like hypothermia.

4.  Avoid Trimming or Shaving your dog’s fur

For warmth, all dogs rely on their natural coat. Consider brushing your dog’s hair every day to retain the longer coats. As a result, your dog’s blood flow will be stimulated, which may assist in keeping their bodies warm.

5.  Give Your Dog an Extra-warm Blanket

It’s a good idea to keep a sweater on even if you have a small, thin-coated, hairless dog. Consider purchasing a dog winter blanket for your four-legged pet to cuddle in at home in their dog bed or on the floor.

6.  Keep Your Fluff-ball Hydrated

In dry and chilly winter months in NYC, it might be harder to keep your pet’s skin and paw pads moisturized. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of water at home. Also, carry water with you when you go for longer walks. Additionally, a humidifier can prevent skin irritation and itching in your pet.

7.  Shorten the Walks!

In the early winter, not only does NYC lose daylight, but also the sun’s warmth! Your winter strolls should be short and limited to the mid-morning and early-afternoon hours. That’s when the temperatures are the hottest and the sun is the brightest.

This routine will keep your dog on a regular, warm-weather walking schedule. As a dog owner, you must learn the ways to keep your dog comfortable outside during winter if it loves the outdoors (irrespective of the weather).

8.  Hydrate/moisturize the Paw Pads

Before taking your dog for a winter walk, moisturize its paw pads with beeswax, dog paw wax, or paw balm. After walks, you can use paw balm to hydrate and calm your dog’s paw pads. Just be sure to remove any ice, salt, or chemicals as they are detrimental to your dog’s paws.

9.  Buy Dog Shoes or Boots

Dog footwear is a wise option for shielding your dog’s paws from winter threats like ice, chemicals, and salt. Additionally, dog boots and winter shoes keep your dog’s toes dry and are anti-slip, best for slippery conditions.

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate size. When fitting the boots, ensure they are snug enough to stay on your dog’s paw but not so snug that they restrict blood flow. Measure your dog’s paws before making your purchase.

Your dog might need some time to become comfortable with the boots. Be patient and give them a few minutes to get acquainted. Also, offer them a treat when they do!

10. Dogs Can Slip too. Be Careful!

Last but certainly not least, anyone can slide and damage themselves on slick ice. Even though our dogs have four legs, they can still slide off on ice or the couch. It’s fun for humans to watch videos of dogs wobbling on the ice on social media.

They’re meant to be humorous, but they only serve to highlight how risky it is to let your dog run or walk on slippery surfaces. This situation brings us to the importance of getting dog insurance.

Important Reminder

Like humans, dogs can fracture bones and tear ligaments. Nevertheless, the resulting procedures are costly and uncomfortable. You should never purposely take your dog onto an icy lake under any circumstances. But situations like these are uncalled for! Which is why it is crucial to get dog insurance in NYC.

The Final Takeaway

The extra measures you need to take to implement these protection safety precautions can seem excessive.

However, it will be worth the shot to protect your furry friend in NYC’s winter. Keeping your dog comfortable throughout the winter by using these care suggestions will enable you and your companion to bask comfortably in the beauty of the season.